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admin / January 27th, 2018

Happy 6th Chuckiversary!

Today marks the day that the last episode of Chuck aired. So to mark that day we have some updates of the best TV Show Chuck! Next we have Episode Stills form the very first episode the Pilot

admin / January 27th, 2018

Happy 6th Chuckiversary!

Today marks the day that the last episode of Chuck aired. So to mark that day we have some updates of the best TV Show Chuck! First here are some posters from Season 4.

admin / January 25th, 2018

In 2007 Zachary Levi was going to be in the TV Show Imperfect Union as Clark. The TV Show never got picked up, but we found a Episode Still from the show.

A comedy set in an automobile parts factory, where a young man (Levi) has just taken over as head of the factory and a young woman (Williams) has inherited her father’s job as shop steward.

admin / January 25th, 2018

Uploaded Screen Captures of Live From Comic-Con that aired on SYFY

admin / January 25th, 2018

Zachary was on an episode of The Getaway visiting New Orleans in season 2. We added some screen captures of the episode as well as posted a short video of it.

admin / December 17th, 2017

Zach played Jeremiah Pontelli in a TV Mini-Series on Netflix called Alias Grace. Here are some photo from the project.

admin / December 11th, 2017

As many of you know, my hometown of Ventura and surrounding towns of Ojai and Santa Paula have been hit hard by devastating wildfires. Houses and communities have been destroyed and it will take time before we will be able to assess all of the damage. I have friends and family who have been displaced and have lost homes and property.

I’ve teamed up with GoFundMe and come to you, hat in hand, and implore you to come together and support those who have been affected. All funds raised will go to a 501(c)(3) called the Direct Impact Fund and will be distributed to provide relief and financial support to fire victims and charities on the ground doing the most impactful work. I’ll keep you updated on the details as things progress.

Lastly, I’ll match up to $50,000, so your donation will go even farther to help. Ventura is my town. My heart. I grew up there nearly my entire life, which means I also grew up in Ojai & Santa Paula. These communities are strong. Ventura is strong. But this devastation is unprecedented, and my people need our help, now more than ever. So c’mon folks. Help me, help you, help them.

Please donate and share this link, https://www.gofundme.com/zacharylevi, so we can make a difference together.

Thank you so much,


admin / November 28th, 2017

admin / November 28th, 2017


admin / November 28th, 2017

Added photos to a few albums in 2013 Public Appearances.

admin / November 28th, 2017


2014 Public Appearances added photos and have some new albums added as well.

admin / November 28th, 2017


Public Appearances from 2011 have been updated. We added photos, rearranged photos and updated some of the medium or low quality to high quality if we had them.


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